Pass It On Poetry

Pass It On Poetry – This Book Is For You

Other Heroes

July, 2013. One thousand copies of “Other Heroes” were printed as a Kickstarter. They were dispatched by friends who gave them to friends, or carefully placed them, or selectively abandoned them, in laundromats, on buses, on the counter at the diner,  the like. Surprise, this is for you, pass it on. Suggestion inside: sign it, comment, write a poem – there are blank pages in the back – tuck it in right next to the menu, leave it in your boss’ chair, in your mom’s purse, or….

By August, 2013, the time of this writing, “Other Heroes” has made its way to nearly every US state, and seven countries.

Why Poetry?

Nothing truly original happens to any of us, but we can express with true originality what happens to all of us.    -Marvin Bell

Why my poetry?

No reason, other than what if.  What if a found book of poetry sparks a memory of a poem from a significant moment 50 years ago? What if a poem inspires you to write a poem for the first time? What if a poem can shine a light on a path of difficult emotional terrain? Or celebrate an ineffable moment? I’m curious to open the box of possibility.

Did you find it? Did you write a poem? Did you pass it on? Tell your story.

Pass it on.


  1. Do you have more copies available – I don’t mind paying for a few…


  2. Heidi,
    Neither of us knew it at the time, I was soon to be spiraling head on into what could be called a serious nervous breakdown. I’ve been slowly building myself back up over the past year. Accepting and letting go. Throughout the journey, Other Heroes has been right there on top of the book case. Of course I always expected to pass it on, but have thus been unable to do so. It gives me the courage to accept my flaws and realize my own worth. Thank you for being there when I go to pick you up. Otherwise I might end up with the Illustrated Guide To Yoga, or Cities of the Red Night, or maybe Planets in Transit. And I don’t believe these would bring the strength that you bring.
    Thank you again and if I reach the point where your purpose and meaning has expired, I will certainly pass you on so as not to collect dust like the previously mentioned titles.

    • My dear friend,
      I’m very sorry for your hard time, I hope you are getting along better. I’m touched that I could offer any comfort and grateful to you for letting me know. Drop me a line any time.
      Best wishes,

  3. Heidi I read your poem ‘trials of a teenage transvestite’s single mother’
    in the archives of Rattle – so, so good. Best opening EVER and I’ve written hundreds of poems & short stories myself so I know a great opening when I write or read one!!

    I’ve been working on one of my poems What To Do When for fucking EVER.
    I’m hoping analyzing how you put ‘trials’ together, what you included, the placement of time in the poem, both the building up of the mother son history while holding in place the copper cowbell clanking against the convenience store door immediacy of the current sitch, a nice touch, b-t-w, will help me finish, too, an amazing poem.

    All good things to you, Heidi. So glad I found your poem. Luv, love, luv it…
    Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, The Shadow of A Dog I Can’t Forget &
    Squinting Over Water

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