Posted by: hshuler | February 23, 2012

Armadillo Love

I am the lovely

Tolypeutes Matacus

from Argentina.

I am invincible in love

and nice to have

around the nest. Shapely

as a pith helmet with a

pokey snout hood ornament,

black bling eyes, front plates,

rear plates, and three

movable plates in my middle

of complex neutral colors,

I am sexy. My underparts are covered

with soft skin and fur. I am complex

yet straightforward.

Some call me Three-Banded

Southern Armadillo but

to me that sounds combative

or musically overcommitted.

I am a good lover when I love

which is rarely, so seldom

do I disappoint anyone. I know

sometimes it’s hard to be a mammal.

Remarkably I am one of just a few

who can roll up completely

in a tight little ball, snap like a purse.

This is sad. Nobody wants to be

clumsy, hurtful, insensitive, mean.

With me, you are safe,

ping ping ping off my back

go all those words

you never meant to say.


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